Here's the truth. We all have money blocks. Even millionaires, yes. 

These blocks stop us from earning as much as we desire.

I delivered a three part training where we talked about MONEY and now you have a chance to have this training, too.

Money is part of our life. Some people are scared of it, some people love it. Wherever you are in your journey, it's time to clear some money blocks so you can earn more $$$.



Maybe you want to go from making a living to living an extraordinary life.

Maybe you want to go from 6 figure to 7.

This training will help you to get ahead. 

This three part training will shine light on some powerful, limiting beliefs, breakthroughs and a-ha moments.

I recorded it while going through it with other women, so it's extra powerful because you will hear their stories and realisations.

This training will be on sale for £197 but for a limited time only you can have it at a hugely discounted price! 



Anita Smith

If this is the first time we met, I'm Anita, Champagne and Mojo Master & Coach for girls who are ready to sip and cash in! Welcome to my pretty world!

I'm the right for you if you're the girl in business who wants to bring her deepest power to the surface because she knows she can grow her business quicker with that power. She's ready to live a champagne lifestyle without sacrificing her authentic self, her health, family and relationships. She needs some help with developing her business, too. She also likes pretty things but doesn't mind a passionate swear words here and then!