Private VIP Coaching

Go From Making A Living To Living The Life You Dream About. As of today.


Private VIP Coaching

Go From Making A Living To Living The Life You Dream About. As of today.


I know you have what it takes.

YOU know you have the strength and the power in you to make your dreams come alive.

I have done it.

Now it’s your time.

It’s time for a change when the pain of changing is less than the pain of staying where you are.

When you sleep at night, all you can think of is “how in the world am I going to grow my business, how can I make a difference in the lives of my family, how can I change the world, and how am I going to build the business of my dreams that will make all of that possible”.

When you wake up in the morning? You’re still thinking about it.

When you open your computer, you almost forget everything you were thinking. Facebook is full of distraction, comparisons, and cats.

Who can focus?

You can.

Because you and I know and understand your goals and each step you need to take to make them happen. So we work together to make sure that, through mindset work, you are:

  • Shifting out of procrastination so you shift into execution

  • Setting your mind up, daily, to achieve the goals you want to achieve

  • Working quickly through stumbling blocks that you throw in your own way, mentally

  • Staying focused and not letting fear tell you you’re wrong, so you can start to see results

  • Creating the power and the presence in your life and in your business that fuels accelerated growth through the confidence we develop in you

  • Plowing through the growing pains with ease, grace, and profit because your mind is squarely focused on accomplishing your goals

  • Creating an impact in your own life, in the lives of the people you want to work with, and in the world begins when you open up to your own mind and heart to the power that IS you


That’s what we do. We figure out what YOU want most of all. Then we work to play your strengths to that vision by creating a mindset that is almost indestructible. And when all that’s done? We brainstorm and lift your business to a level it has never been before!



Believe You Can

and you're Almost there

Believe You Can

and you're Almost there

If you want to:


  • Bypass the growing pains that shut most businesses down before they even get started

  • Nail the clarity you need to create a solid, powerful foundation that does a lot of the heavy lifting for your business

  • Understand what your role in your empire is, so you can attract the clients almost effortlessly

  • Start earning more money as soon as possible because...MONEY

  • Become a magnet for the people you want to work with so all you have to do is show up and they find you

  • Build a business that is created to last and is unshakeable

Then this program is exactly what you need to get started, right now.

growing the business that creates change in your MIND that ignites all other positive changes in your life.

and with that, bring you money.

Growing your business feels daunting and scary alone. Now, you have me to help you do all the things that needed to become powerful and profitable.

How we do it:

♥ We connect via Zoom weekly for 4 months (12 x 45-min calls) to establish your big vision, goals, and all your stumbling blocks to this point. Then we work to create the steel mind you need to work through each and every one. We combine that some powerful business development strategies and you’re on to a winner formula.


♥ Via unlimited Messenger and email support because the mind tends to shift back into its normal patterns when we’re NOT holding our conversations and this way, you can get your head back in the game whenever you need the pull.


♥ We’ll also establish the business strategy that your big vision and goals need to make them reality, so you’ll not only create a power mindset, but you’ll get the business smarts you need to shift upward in your business dreams.


Your mind is your greatest asset or liability, you KNOW that. And when it comes to growing an empire, I am going to help you solidify the mindset that allows you to build yours faster and stronger than you ever could alone.




You Can.

And you will.


You Can.

And you will.

Eradicate the thinking that …

… keeps you small and stuck wishing you could actually make money

… constantly compares you to other business owners so you freeze instead of show up bold and ready to make money

…causes you to scroll your Facebook feed instead of creating content and connections that the profits you need your business to pull in every month

… wrecks your focus so you stop chasing shiny objects that don’t attract new and repeat clients

… prevents you from reaching powerful new heights in your business


And I’m just the one to teach you exactly how to get rid of all those thought patterns so you can create thought patterns that promote success and money.

Why me, you ask?

Because I have done it for myself and do it with my clients. I’m Anita Smith, living my dream life with the support I need to raise two small children alongside my business, while not sacrificing the values I was raised with. And have a husband who retired from his job.

And that’s what this is all about, right?  

Do what you want to do without losing who you are inside. I’ll show you how I do it and how I teach my clients to do it.

You can because the power of the brain is phenomenal. I’ve learned to harness it to create the reality that I love and continue to grow into new levels of power.

And that’s a lesson I can thank my father for.

My father died without making his dreams come true. He died not having done it because he was afraid of losing what he’d built for his family.

That was when I realised that my calling was to make sure I, nor anyone else, died with a dream not brought to life.  

That’s what lit my soul on fire to start this business and that’s what keeps me going and supporting women, like you, everyday.

I want to make sure you live your dream. I want to make sure you grow your business to the level where making your dreams a reality feel natural. And easy.

I want to make sure you live the life that you absolutely deserve.

“When you’re interested, you do what’s convenient. When you’re committed, you do whatever it takes.”
— John Assaraf


She believed she could...

So she did!

She believed she could...

So she did!

So when we work together, we’ll cover:

Visions and goals, how to craft the clarity that you need in order to take the right action

Mindset and how to think like a success

Strategies that all businesses need to have in place to make operation, client acquisition, client retention, and growth constant and consistent.


Build your business, live your dreams.

Give it and yourself the life you long for.


Book your call above and let’s find out if we are a good fit to work together!


"Anita is an awesome coach to work with! She is relatable and easy to talk to and asks you powerful questions that will make you dig deep so you can expand, grow, and succeed. Anita is 100% present on the call with you and supports you with whatever you need. You will definitely have fun working with her and be fully supported along the way. Her style is a nice blend of fun, gentleness, and no nonsense! Anita will push you beyond your comfort zones in a loving way. She is perfect to help you upgrade your mindset and boost your business "know how" so you're set up to succeed!" -- Nikki, Transformational Coach at www.mindfulmattersliving.com



Your investment in yourself and in your future is £5000 for 4 months.

Payment plan can be considered.

Please note I only take on one client a month. I have an opening in January.

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