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You built your business because you want to have, be and do more. It’s time to finally step into all that!


The burning to build a free lifestyle rips you open, daily, because you just can’t see HOW to do it bigger than you already are. Without burning out.

The truth is, the weekends and holidays are not enough anymore. You want family time on demand. And trips with your girlfriends.

And I just know that You love your business. It’s all you. You created it and working on your business is your ME time. Isn’t it amazing to do what you love?

And still …

You are playing small.

You know what you SHOULD be doing … finishing your website, going on livestreams, reaching out to potential clients but something is holding you back.

You’re saying you have blocks and fears. And you’d love clarity over what’s next in your marketing.

I totally understand you. I’ve been there and now as I am typing this from my balcony, soaking up the sunshine, I know that every step I took was worth it. Every thousand I invested got me here; to live my life as I wish.

Are you questioning yourself right now …

“How can I create the higher profits that let me have every single thing my heart desires?

How can I make my life EXACTLY the one I want?

How can I live every dream that my soul conjures for me?”

It’s not as hard as you think...

I will show you HOW!

You are longing to …

* feel proud and accomplished with less hard work,

* feel amazing about charging high end fees to serve on a new, exciting level

* create a life without sacrificing your precious time with your family

*hop on a plane with your girlfriends and visit the beautiful places you have Googled so many times

and the feeling is getting unbearable.

Your soul knows you can do and be all that and MORE.

And I know that.

Darling, I honestly get it. You love your business so much and you have the desire to achieve even more because you’ve always been one who can see the next level and want it straight away!

But right now you feel lost. You have come to a place where things sit still. And you’re wondering what’s next?

I know you can make all your dreams come true. I know you know this, too. Still, sometimes you’re wondering if you have everything it takes to see all the places you have visited so many times in your heart (also so grateful Google street views!).

You feel scared. You are blaming yourself.

But today you are ready to stop all the doubts and fears so that you get to earn what you desire and have the time freedom you are entitled to!

Let me introduce you to the




The belief in yourself and in your capabilities with conviction so you become unstoppable.

The dreams of making the choices YOU want without fears so you take leaps.

The freedom of time and space to spend with your family so you can be present for your children; both physically and emotionally.

The adrenaline rush that comes with becoming visible so your clients get to know, like and trust you which makes them scream YES to your offers.

The empowered sales conversations which lead to closing deals so that you can always have new adventures to go on.

Your highest earning month to date because you deserve it.

The impact you can have through clarity so you always know what, when and how.

The strong bond with your intuition to help you receive inspired ideas.

The confidence to keep going so that when you walk on that stage, you shine, darling.

All starts right here.


That’s what we do. We figure out what YOU want most of all. Then we work to play your strengths to that vision by creating a mindset that is almost indestructible. And when all that’s done? We brainstorm and lift you closer to that true desire through your business. You will go to places where you have never been before!



The Wealth With Heart Masterplan

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The Wealth With Heart Masterplan Private VIP Coaching Program will support you for 4 transformational months so that you can:

- tap and step into your worth 100% guilt free so that you can feel good about charging what your soul truly wants and with that achieving your highest earning month to date

- own yourself as a powerful leader in your field so that your clients will look up and be attracted to you easily

- wake up every morning feeling excited and fulfilled with huge clarity on the to do’s which means you never feel overwhelmed

- easily overcome challenging situations which leaves more time for connecting with amazing clients and for your creativity

- have a sense of accomplishment that comes with making money and a growing client base that doesn’t show any signs of slowing

- recognise and break free from the fears and beliefs which will consequently lead to reaching your highest potential; personally and in your business

- be ready to help your potential clients through the decision making process which feels good AND leads to more sales

- call on your strong connection to your inner guide, your intuition for guidance so you stress less about the how’s and instead allow things to come to you easily

- change the way you think about money and time so you could spend more of them on things you truly desire

-create a deep, unique spiritual practice which will help you with ideas and support you in the future long after our work is done

- have a clear plan you are freaking excited about?



And with that, you will get to live the life where you know you can BE, DO AND HAVE more.

How we do it:

♥ We connect via Zoom weekly for 4 months (12 x 45-min calls) to establish your big vision, goals, and all your stumbling blocks to this point. Then we work to create the steel mind you need to work through each and every one. We combine that with some powerful business brainstorming and strategy for your future and you’re on to a winner formula.


♥ I am reachable via unlimited Messenger and email support during office hours because the mind tends to shift back into its normal patterns when we’re NOT holding our conversations and this way, you can get your head back in the game whenever you need the pull. And trust me, I will hold you accountable regularly, too!


♥ We’ll also establish the step by step plan that your big vision and goals need to make them reality, so you’ll not only create a power mindset, you will also get a clear guide to follow for after we finish our work together 

Your mind is your greatest asset or liability, you KNOW that. And when it comes to personal growth and making dreams happen, I am going to help you solidify the mindset that allows you to build yours faster and stronger than you ever could alone.


 Why me, you ask?


Why me, you ask?

Because I have done it for myself and do it with my clients. I’m Anita Smith, living my dream life with the support I need to raise two small children alongside my business, while not sacrificing the values I was raised with. Best of both worlds; family and business. I have a husband who found his dreams, too. I wake up every day with a deep purpose and I take consistent actions to make the world a better place for myself, my children and beyond.

And that’s what this is all about, right?  

Do what you want to do without losing who you are inside. I’ll show you how I do it and how I teach my clients to do it.

You can because the power of your brain is phenomenal. I’ve learned to harness it to create the reality that I love and continue to grow into new levels of power.

And that’s a lesson I can thank my father for.

My father died without making his dreams come true. He died not having done it because he was afraid of losing what he’d built for his family.

That was when I realised that my calling was to make sure I, nor anyone else, died with a dream not brought to life.  

That’s what lit my soul on fire to start this business and that’s what keeps me going and supporting women, like you, everyday.

I want to make sure you live YOUR dreams. I want to make sure you grow to the level where making your dreams a reality feels natural. And easy.

I want to make sure you live the life that you absolutely deserve.

When you’re interested, you do what’s convenient. When you’re committed, you do whatever it takes.
— John Assaraf

 So when we work together,

we’ll cover:


YOUR personal visions and goals so you can clearly see where you’re heading

The way you think, your attitude and how to think like a powerful, confident woman who can make ANYTHING her heart desires happen

What blocks and fears are holding you back and I will teach you a unique way to overcome them so you become the woman who does things even though she feels scared!

Working on your wealth consciousness and bringing you up onto a high energy level so you attract your dream clients only

Learning to allow things to flow to you instead of pushing for results and working hard

The sales pitch that is easy, tailored to you and feels good to you and feels natural

Your services and we tie them into a pretty bow so they are irresistible

Making you a visibility Queen so that you can share all the amazing knowledge you have and with that attract your clients

Creating your marketing plan so there’s no overwhelm when it comes to growing your business

Give it and yourself the life you long for.


Book your call above and let’s find out if we are a good fit to work together!


"Anita is an awesome coach to work with! She is relatable and easy to talk to and asks you powerful questions that will make you dig deep so you can expand, grow, and succeed. Anita is 100% present on the call with you and supports you with whatever you need. You will definitely have fun working with her and be fully supported along the way. Her style is a nice blend of fun, gentleness, and no nonsense! Anita will push you beyond your comfort zones in a loving way. She is perfect to help you upgrade your mindset and boost you so you're set up to succeed!" -- Nikki, Transformational Coach at



Your investment in yourself and in your future is currently

£7500 for 4 months.

Payment plan can be considered.

Please note I only take on my dream clients so this VIP package is by application only.