What you want and you’re worth is...EVERYTHING.

And as soon as you KNOW and FEEL that, what you want will be laid at your feet.

Welcome to the

Mindful Dream Creator Program.

Welcome to the last program you need to start creating CONCRETE change that affects not only you and your life but those around you in the best way possible. Welcome to THE program that is going to help you sashay into the life you adore.

That’s right. Once you integrate the material that we are going to cover during the next 4 months together,

You will: 

  • Know how to show up for your dreams in ways that supports your growth every day

  • Execute your plans flawlessly because we will have uncovered and unblocked the triggers that stop you when you need to take action

  • Understand what to do next even after our 4 months is over because your toolbox will be filled with the exercises you need to undergo when you begin to feel fear, doubt, procrastination creep in

  • Have indestructible self belief so it won’t matter any more what other people think of you

  • Be able to take enormous leaps towards your dreams - leaps you are afraid to take now but will seem natural when we are done

  • Find the balance you can’t seem to create in your life right now - time with you family, work and/or your own business without the guilt

  • Have clear steps that will perfectly lay the road in front of you to your desires and dreams

  • Elevate you and your mindset through my own special process that allows you to grow into the WOMAN your future life needs you to be



Because I know why you are not living the life you want RIGHT NOW. And I know how to help you dig into those reasons so we can finally get rid of them, once and for all.

When you unlock all the doors that have been closed to you, inside you, so far, you are able to tap into that inner wisdom that will lead and uniquely support you on your journey.

The deal is that you feel in your gut that you are different.

You KNOW you have something spectacular to bring to this world, but getting things done and taking constant, focused action seems like a far away mysterious thing for you. Life gets in the way.

And I get it.

And you are not alone when it comes to trying to figure out how to build your dreams.

The problem is that you are suffering alone.

But you don’t have to.

As someone who works with clients, just like you, who know in your soul that you have what it takes to make everything you want happen, I know how you feel and I help women like you take the necessary steps that get you on the road to the success you've, up until now, dreamt of.


I’m Anita Smith and I coach women like you to stop playing small. Whether you are a business owner or a career woman in the corporate world, you have to do one thing:

Stand up and OWN your place in this life.

And I will help you do that.

I help women like you dissolve all the things our parents tried their best to teach us that keep you from standing in your power. I help you see what you are truly capable of.

I help you go from “I should” to “I DID IT!” 

Because my 3 years of working with my clients in this business as a coach has taught me one thing... the key to having it all starts with YOU.

And it’s my mission to make sure you do.

My father died at the age of 52 with dreams still locked in his heart.

But the gift he left me with was the gift of making sure that I didn’t make the same mistake.

And women I come in touch with.

You CANNOT let your dreams die.

So I teach techniques that help us uncover the programming that has to be rewired, then I help you rewire them and take action.

The only thing left is for you to decide …

to become the woman you were meant to be and to live the life that's meant for YOU.

“Anita has helped me to identify my dream and put them into action. I have done well in my other business but wanted to start sharing that with others by helping them to build their businesses. Anita has helped me to get out of my head thinking that I could not do this, to knowing that I can. She gives me the mindset tools I need to overcome my doubts as I move into being who I am really meant to be. If you are looking for a coach who will kick your ass into action and get you the results you really want, I cannot recommend Anita more!” - Lindsey McGarry, ALM Construction & Landscaping INC.

The STEPS we’ll cover which will pull you into the mind of a MINDFUL DREAM CREATOR in our 4 months together.

Step 1. Everything starts with you - putting down the foundations necessary for a more powerful, confident self

Step 2. From fear to love - learning where you've been allowing fear to control your life so you can start operating from a much higher frequency we call love

Step 3. Your healthy mind - having a super powerful mind~set that keeps you going long after our work is done

Step 4. Your healthy body - elevating you to the next level through learning about the effects of food and exercise

Step 5. Your healthy spirit  - tapping deep into your inner wisdom, strengthening your intuition, learning to receive guidance that is unique to YOU

Step 6. Dream accelerator -  brainstorming so you can take inspired actions to achieve your dreams faster than you believe you can

Step 7. Recognising abundance and opportunities - integrating everything you've been learning throughout the process; stepping into your future self as a new woman

This program and the work we will be doing together are the missing link between where you are right now and where you want to get to. Once we are done, you can go off and make all your dreams come true.

Why is it so important that you live your dreams?

Because …

Your children are ready to see you walk, talk, and strategise like the queen you are. So they can do the same when they grow up!

Your husband is ready to see all of you smiling and laughing because you have a life that makes you feel alive. A life you deserve.

Today your dreams are ready for you to show up in all your glory and worth.

Mindful Dream Creator

Dissolve all the roadblocks and go get what’s truly yours.

“Before I started this work with Anita I was struggling to know how to set up the business that I wanted to create. Anita has helped me by giving step by step guidance on the important things I need to make my business work. She has also helped me over come more mindset challenges like money mindset struggles. I would definitely recommend Anita to others, she is so supportive and non- judgemental and goes that extra mile.” - Jennifer Phillips, Welcome Positivity


This is how we do it:

★ we will spend 4 months working closely together

★ you will receive 7 virtual training videos

★ you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered and coached by me during the 8 live group coaching sessions

★ you will be part of a Facebook community where you get to meet the others and share your journey with them (one of THE best advantages of this program)

★ you will also receive 2 x 15 minute private laser coaching sessions

★ Messenger support during office hours!

Why is this program different from other programs?

Because ... the methods I will be teaching you are exactly the same methods that worked with all my clients.

Because ... I have gone through EVERYTHING that will support you in getting over your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs when it comes to building your dream life and growing as a powerful woman.

Because ... I am amazingly supported by higher powers and I am deeply intuitive which will help us all to guide you to YOUR highest self.

You might be asking is "Will this program work for me?"

The success is up to you. If you dedicate yourself to this program, I know it will help you; you will see tremendous growth in your personal/business/career life and you will be ready to GO FOR YOUR DREAMS.

The full price for this program is £1749.

However, until April 19th, you can save £750 and get into this program for


"Anita is an awesome coach to work with! She is relatable and easy to talk to and asks you powerful questions that will make you dig deep so you can expand, grow, and succeed. Anita is 100% present on the call with you and supports you with whatever you need.  You will definitely have fun working with her and be fully supported along the way. Her style is a nice blend of fun, gentleness, and no nonsense! Anita will push you beyond your comfort zones in a loving way. She is perfect to help you upgrade your mindset and boost your business "know how" so you're set up to succeed!- Nikki, Transformational Coach at www.mindfulmattersliving.com

And let me introduce you to




My Confidence Routine For Dreamers

this will help you start increasing your confidence even before we start the program. This is a very modern technique and it’s unique to me. (£97 value)


1 X 30 Minute Call Before We Start

so that I can understand you, your struggles and your goals. (£197 value)


1 X 30 Minute Catch Up Call After We Finish

to make sure you are implementing and growing as planned and to offer any suggestions to help make it a more smooth transition. (£197 value)


Get it all Done Day

where we just focus on the tasks that must get done. No kids, no family. No notifications from your phone! (£1199 value!)


My “Money And You” Workbook

to help you create the relationship with money that you and your dreams have been missing, so you can learn to make more of it faster than you have been able to do so far. (£197 value)