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Business isn’t a puzzle made of unrecognisable pieces.

They are very clear, very solid steps that, once put into place, make you unstoppable in creating the business and the life of your dreams.


You’ve seen “$7M dollars in ONE MONTH!” posts and promises from coach after coach. That’s not even CLOSE to accurate of what this program is about.





  • Master and command focused execution that leads to big results

  • Learn the success mindset hacks and practices that keep people like Sir Richard, Oprah, and the late Steve Jobs driven toward their goals and achieving each one

  • Travel and see the world with your family, allowing you time to connect to each other and to create memories that will last forever because you’re taking targeted action that supports your goals, in life and in business

  • Create a business and business model that flows with your strengths, instead of fighting the nature of Self

  • Are able to implement the learnt startegies to get repeated business

  • Expand your business, so that the money continues to flow with a consistently growing client base that stays booked month after month


The "BUILD YOUR BUSINESS, LIVE YOUR DREAM" HYBRID program is a 4 MONTH program designed to equip you for LONG TERM success-building with tools for your mind, your vision, and BUSINESS.



You want peace of mind. You want to feel in flow in your business and daily life. You long for that sense of accomplishment that comes with making money and a growing client base that doesn’t show any signs of slowing.



I get it.  

Because I had to do it.

I struggled with lifting my business off the ground. I tried course after course. I tried staying online 24/7. But the one thing I found? Was that MY STRENGTHS were the only things I could rely on. And I stopped forcing techniques that didn’t fit me. I stopped looking right and left.

I started to see the value of what I bring to the table.


And that’s what I will teach you. There’s no cookie-cutter shit here. This is all you.


What the the "Build Your Business, Live Your Dream" program really does:


  • Increases your self-awareness because what you think determines what you become (and what you have) and how you create a business that consistently grows

  • Defines your dreams and goals and how you view them so they stop looking like distant wishes, but nearby goals

  • Outlines the easy daily practice you MUST put into play - without fail - so money consistently flows into you and your business

  • Teaches you how to think and act when it comes to business, so you begin to think and act like a true power CEO who runs an EMPIRE

  • Breaks down the old ideals and beliefs your parents passed down to you so you build new ones that facilitate the growth of your client base and your wealth

  • Supports you with personalised business strategy which you can repeat so you get consistent flow of clients and money

When you enter the program, you release:


The victim mindset that says “I can’t make that kind of money each month” - I’ll show you that you can and how

The doubt that stomps all over your business and prevents you from growing

The hidden patterns of belief that sabotage your money story and your attempts at growing a successful business

The confusion of which actions you need to take to grow quickly

 What you DO build is:


A power foundation that carries your business through all the phases of growth, almost effortlessly

A sense of focus and drive that makes you unrelenting and an inevitable winner

The strength to stomp out fear when it rears it’s ugly head (because it does every time you grow!)

A money mindset that drives your success daily

All the good stuff about you: self-respect, self-worth, self-belief, self-love, self-confidence that you need to push you forward in each phase of your business

The ability to smash procrastination so you steamroll through your tasks (and the fear that jumps in your way)

The know what's next steps (you so want a step by step startegy that works, right?)

"The Mastermind focuses on mindset work first and most, which at the end of the day is the most vital part of a successful business. Anita provided tools to help us implement what she taught us." - Clarissa (from a previous client when my program ran under another name)


The deets of the delivery!

  • This is a 4 month program

  • We have 2 x group calls each month

  • You get 2 x 30 min calls each month, too (starting in August already!! The quicker you sign up, the quicker we can get your calls booked in!)

  • PLUS a 2 hour Orientation call to get clear on your goals

  • All delivered via Zoom

  • Messenger support for those moments when you need a bit of extra help or want to celebrate

  • We’ll uncover your past, clarify your future, destroy the habits and thinking that are shitting on your goals, and craft a story that will inject your steps with fire so your money goals happen faster

  • We’ll have daily and weekly assignments that will push you and you’ll not want to address some of it, but I’m going to make sure that you do - because that’s the stuff you can’t ignore

  • You’ll get access to my support in my exclusive and intimate Facebook group so that you can celebrate your wins each day (this is a REALLY important part that you won’t want to ignore - wins = solidification of goals!)

  • Access to guest expert speakers who will come in and cover the range of topics necessary to expand and grow your business

  • Daily accountability (hey hey, you will be asked if you have done the tasks, yes!)

  • You’ll receive downloads and tools to keep you focused on the right thinking and actions

  • Access to my biz development skills and my knowledge via our intimate Facebook group

  • You’ll also get recordings of each week’s call so you can play the powerful new lessons at your leisure (you know...making those long drives a lot more fruitful!)

  • PLUS a whole day of LIVE meet up and training at a beautiful location

What you’ll learn in the

"Build Your Business, Live Your Dream" Program:

⇒ How to craft a business that serves your biggest goals

⇒ How to view and interact with every portion of your mindset so that you have a positive impact on your business for the long term

⇒ How to create the results you long for with a super easy daily practice that feeds the energy your business needs

⇒ How to stop negative thinking and ACTIONS that you’ve unknowingly used to sabotage your business to this point

⇒ How to have the confidence your business requires to create more in your life

⇒ How to serve your dream client

⇒ How to talk to your dream clients so they snap youir offers off your hand

⇒ How to create an offer that when it comes to selling, it won't feel like selling

⇒ How to create a Facebook group filled with your dream clients

⇒ How to get a YES on a sales call

⇒ And much more!


Topics we’ll cover to make sure you end your 4 months with results:


Self-Awareness Mindset

  • Increasing self-respect, self-worth, self-belief, self-love, self-confidence so you operate on a totally different and more powerful plane than you have to date, giving you results that shadow everything you’ve done to date

  • Shattering the thoughts of self that kept you playing smaller than you should

  • Creating a deep-rooted belief in yourself that fear and competition can’t dissolve

Time Mindset

  • Why “I don’t have time” is not true

  • Avoiding the important stuff out of fear and how to stop procrastinating behaviors

  • How to “create” more time so you become masterfully efficient

  • The importance of decluttering and how clutter affects your productivity and results


Money Mindset

  • “Your current financial situation is a reflection of how you were brought up about money” and what we are going to do about changing it, permanently

  • Common money beliefs and the NEW ones that bring the success you long for

  • How the rich thinks so you can emulate behaviors that create money in your life and business

  • The most powerful way to clear money blocks because each level of success you reach will bring new blocks and you will now be armed to diffuse them


Success Mindset

  • What’s FEAR and how to deal with it

  • Developing a new way of thinking that pushes you toward your goals with precision and speed

  • THE daily practice that solidifies and makes SUCCESS the foundation of how you think and work daily

+ PLUS 3 moNths of business strategy coaching!

You can ask all your questions regarding building your business and I'll share with you everything I believe leads to multiple 5 figure months!!

We will seriously brainstorm, like moving planets around style!




And I’m going to show you how to create the foundation that your EMPIRE will thrive on and grow through.

starting the first week of september.

This is the SOLID track power CEOs use to craft lasting businesses that stand the test of time and wavering markets.

This is also the supported track. Because I will walk with you through creating the thinking, the habits and the strategies needed to create power results.  


Because your business cannot be built without the right success mindset AND WITHOUT THE RIGHT STARTEGY.

And this is the most powerful foundation you can give it.

This is the stuff EMPIRES are built on.

"The change and growth that I see in me is INCREDIBLE!" - Maria

Your investment in this personalised, unique business model is







Grab these amazing FAST ACT BONUSES!  




BONUS 1: My super powerful Confidence routine for business growth audio training and workbook (worth £297) - EXPIRES 1st AUGUST!


BONUS 2: One extra call with me (cannot put value on this, it's worth more than money! Sometimes magic happens on my calls!) - EXPIRES 7th AUGUST


BONUS 3: My super powerful program orientation - life-changing process included (valued at £397)! - EXPIRES 14th AUGUST


BONUS 4: Extended payment plan to make it an absolute no brainer for those new businesses who are serious but are still strapped for cash.- EXPIRES 21st AUGUST


I want your life to be completely transformed by the time we finish this 4 month program where I will be holding your hand.

I am committed to make YOUR dreams come true.

What's your part?

To take action!


About ME


Hi! I’m Anita, owner and operator of Have It All with Anita! Because you want it all. And I believe in you and your ability to make your own sort of magic. That’s what I do. I support girls just like you who have that need to stop putting yourself last. And that? Also comes with your ability to create your own wealth. No more depending on others. Your money is in your hands. So is your happiness. So is your champagne lifestyle.

I created this course because I was able to do, financially, what I needed to do to craft a business that got us out from under debt, create the mental environment that allows my business to grow consistently.

Now I want you to have that same sense of power and ownership that comes with running a successful business that affords you the life and business you crave to create.

"Anita, you are absolutely incredible, thank you for helping me find my power, for helping me fight my fear, for your continued love and support and helping me find the lost love for myself. Because of you my personal life has improved, my business has grown and last month it doubled from the previous month!" - Kelly



Who is the "Build Your Business, Live Your Dream" Program for?

It is for you if you:

  • know in your heart that you are meant to be a coach and serve people online

  • want to stop the guessing game and want a structure that works

  • are ready to succeed without working on and in your business full time


Who is this program not suitable for?

Me, and this program is NOT for you if you...

  • want someone else to do the work for you

  • are not prepared to take daily action

  • are not willing to put the effort and time into your growth

  • don't want to use your skills and expertise to change lives

  • are only after the money. Of course you want to earn a lot of money by doing what you love but if getting filthy rich is your only aim, don't sign up.


What is the difference between the "Build Your Business, Live Your Dream" program and other programs?

This course is based on the method I’VE used to create the business and the life I need to support my family in ways that feels good (talking about multiple 5 figure months, moving to our dream country, retired hubby, holidays whenever we want). It’s also a class rooted in creating mindset power foundations that support empire-building.


I'm only just starting my business, is this for me?

Absolutely superly YES! With all the mindset work we'll do, you'll be able to progress faster! Your mindset is one of the most important assets in your business. Get it super strong and you'll be unstoppable! And with the two business sessions included, you'll get clarity over what's next.


I've already started my online coaching business, is this for me?

Totally beautiful! Even if you've already worked through some mindset blocks and implemented some strategies but your business is still just giving you a living rather than living the lifestyle you're dreaming about, there's still some sh*t to clear. And with my business development skills and experience in the coaching world, I'll be able to pinpoint where your business might need some TLC. You'll also be able to ask questions about how and what I did in my business to become successful.

What do I need to make this program successful?

The FAITH in YOU that you have the inner strength to make shifts and changes in your life and your business that allow you to live the way you WANT to live.


How intensive is this course?

This will require your utter focus on your business during the course and as we build your new focused and success mindsets. But they will quickly become second nature and won’t feel so intense. There will also be daily tasks, so give yourself, your dreams and business the time you all deserve while going through this program.


How fast can I expect results?

How hard are you willing to work? I, myself, am a balls-to-the-wall gal, so when I focus, shift happens FAST. If you’re like me, you’ll start getting results right away.


What if I can’t make it to a class one week?

There will be recordings emailed to you as soon as they are available and you can go over them on your own. And of course you’ll get support from me and the other girls in the exclusive group, as well!


Is there a refund?

Absolutely not. I want you 100% in. This process only works if you're fully in. By signing up you'll make a commitment to yourself and to me.


Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, there is. A £1000 deposit is required then 3 months of £1000 payment will follow it starting in October! This is simply THE best deal I could come up with for you. Please choose Payment Plan option when signing up.

"I signed up for Anita’s program, because I knew I needed to wake up and start taking actions towards my dreams and the life I desire but I didn't know how. I felt stuck and couldn't figure out why. I kept blaming my circumstances and needed help. Anita was so helpful from the very beginning. She helped me tremendously before I even signed up for her program. I knew in my heart that she was genuine. And her kickass, no bullshit personality was definitely a plus! I needed that!

Now I know what I'm worth. Before the program, I didn't even realize how much I undervalued myself. Anita helped me become aware of my thought patterns and beliefs so I could change it. I now know that I am worth more than enough and can do anything I want in life, if I really want it!

These days I am more fearless in being myself! I know longer allow my fear of criticism or being liked get in the way of going after what I want. I believe in myself no matter what others say.

Sine working with Anita, I know moving forward I will always go after something if I really want it! I won't be afraid anymore. By the end of the program I made my very first sale!! And I didn't even have to sell myself.. all I had to do was just BE myself! I've also learned how to manage my time appropriately. I was a complete mess with my schedule before. Now I know exactly how to schedule my time so I can accomplish everything I need to do!

I 100% recommend Anita and her program! It will challenge you in the best way possible! You will see yourself more clearly and be more motivated than ever to take actions on your dreams with clear, obtainable guidance along the way. Anita always gets back to me quickly and goes above and beyond to help her clients. The way Anita treats me and everyone else in the group is wonderful. I feel like I can tell her anything with absolutely no judgement. She genuinely wants to help, and she does! - Christy