What comes to your mind when I say the word


Have you just pulled a face? Are you cringing? 

I guess you are because let me guess you're not as good at it as you'd like to be?

You might even wish you didn't have to sell yourself and your products and services.

Is this true?

If so, I have the solution for you.

You can be great, hang on, I'll go a step further, kick ass at selling!

And the truth is, you've got to be. Unless of course you are ready to employ someone to do the sales for you! But if not, it's time to master your selling skills.

Are you ready?

Here's the deal:

For 14 days, non stop, we will be working closely together in an intimate group.

You will be in a closed, secret even Facebook group where you will have my support during those 14 days.

Every morning you receive an email with a training and we will have 4 live calls, too!

Here's the breakdown:

Day 1 - 15th January at 6pm GMT: Zoom call - getting to know you and your business, setting a 90 day goal and intention for this challenge

Day 2 - 16th January: Self mindset audio training

Day 3 - 17th January: Sales mindset audio training

Day 4 - 18th January: Mindset tools and guidance

Day 5 - 19th January at 6pm GMT: Zoom call: Creating new amazing offers/Tweaking your amazing offers + accountability

Day 6 - 20th January: Clarity over your Dream client and how to attract them audio training

Day 7 - 21st January: Your dream client list

Day 8 - 22nd January: Dream client list activation

Day 9 - 23rd January: Social media audio training

Day 10 - 24th January: Turning conversations into sales pitches audio training

Day 11 - 25th January at 6pm GMT Zoom call -Webinar/Challenge/Workshop preparation and brainstorming + accountability

Day 12 - 26th January: Raising your vibration day

Day 13 - 27th January: Stepping out of your comfort zone day

Day 14 - 28th January at 6pm GMT: Zoom call - Steps to YES - people will say Yes!

It's the whole package! You'll have everything and more to make 2018 your BIG SALES YEAR! A.k.a. shifting money into your bank account $$$!

To summarise

You get:

- 10 training via email

- Actions, actions, actions

- 4 live calls to brainstorm, ask me your questions and to be taken accountable

- Secret Facebook group where you can get all your questions answered about sales during our 14 days together

- the support of other awesome girls

Your investment is

£297 BUT

until 15th December, you can get in for

 ♥♥♥ £149! ♥♥♥

See you on 15th January with on or first call!!


Read what my Lindsay says about this Champagne Sales Training:

"Since completing this training, I have found my why, my intention, my goal. I have gained so many ideas on what I can do, what is possible and what is out there. I have created my dream client, I have found out what my natural gifts & qualities in helping/supporting those dream clients. I have taken ACTIONS! This one is huge for me, I have done the things that scare me or I always put off… I have done Facebook Lives on my business page, I have made contacts with people I would never have reached out to before, I have raised my prices, I have come up with offers/packages that I have never ever thought about before, I have lots of ideas around social media, such as content & different platforms etc, I have new ways of connecting with people, I have new ideas to work on, I have so much more to offer than I ever thought was possible.

Sales does not scare me anymore; I have had a switch in mindset around sales.  I feel so much more worthy and confident in what I have to offer to people and what they have to gain from taking on my services. 

I have also raised my prices, which will make a huge difference to my business.  With the potential to more than double my business monthly income.

I have come up with something that can add extra value to my services, allowing me to stand out from the rest.

I have created offers/packages for my services.

I have had a switch in mindset, which will help me serve my business better.

I would highly recommend Anita on any coaching/training; she is honest, straight to the point & has a heart of gold, she really wants to help you to get you where you want to be. I would highly recommend the Sales Training if like me, you are scared by the word ‘Sales’. It will completely change the way you think about ‘Sales’ and Anita will go down all avenues to help you achieve your goals. She gives you examples for you and your business specifically, which helped me a lot. So you aren’t having to think "how can I apply that to my business"?; she speaks to you individually and suggests ideas, advice etc for your business. If you are feeling a little stuck on how to take your business to the next level, or what to do next, this training will absolutely give you the next steps and the mindset to follow your passion, your dreams in your business." Lindsay


Anita Smith

If this is the first time we met, I'm Anita, Champagne and Mojo Master & Coach for girls who are ready to sip and cash in! Welcome to my pretty world!

I'm the right for you if you're the girl in business who wants to bring her deepest power to the surface because she knows she can grow her business quicker with that power. She's ready to live a champagne lifestyle without sacrificing her authentic self, her health, family and relationships. She needs some help with developing her business, too. She also likes pretty things but doesn't mind a passionate swear words here and then!