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GINA 001 ready.jpg

From Making a Living to Living a Champagne Lifestyle

You can "Have It all"


From Making a Living to Living a Champagne Lifestyle

You can "Have It all"

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The luxury 5-bedroom on the beach.

Retired hubby.

Random trips around the world whenever you feel like it.


Every single thing you want for you and your family are right there...just waiting for you to show up for them.


They are ready for you to show up and step into them.


And the fun part is? You KNOW you can. You FEEL it.


The burning to build your champagne lifestyle rips you open, daily, because you just can’t see HOW to do it bigger than you already are.


Clients love you. So why can’t you find more?


How can you create the higher profits that let you have every single thing your heart desires? Girl, I’ll show you.

How can you make your life EXACTLY the one you want? YES! I’ll show you, too.

How can you live every dream that your soul conjures for you? It’s not as hard as you think...I’ll show you.


I’m Anita Smith. Your mindset and business DEVELOPMENT Coach. i'm glad you're here!!


Everything you want, you want for a reason. And when we work together, you’ll wrap your head around the HOW and you’ll actually step up and into to taking each action with grace and....balls (and boobs).


From this day forward, girl, you’ll come to understand how to create every single thing you want with three very important tools that you were BORN with: Your heart, your mind, and your soul.


Once you are able to do that?



YOUR way.




The luxury house is yours.

You get to retire hubby.

And your global trips are non-stop.


You’re welcome. Let’s DO this, girl. You know you are ready.

You can’t grow your business further than you grow yourself!
— Jennifer Jayde